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Working at Heights
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Working at Heights

Every year a significant number of workers are injured or killed on the jobsite. Falling from heights is not the only reason we are having accidents, they can be from hazards such as falling objects, electrocution and so on. Workers need to understand these dangers and the options available to mitigate these hazards. We have teamed up with 3M Safety Training, a leader in North American Fall Safety. Trained and certified by 3M to deliver, on 3M's behalf. A full day course which is approved by the Chief Prevention Officer of Ontario.

This course is designed for anyone whose job requires them to enter a construction site, but not limited to maintenance people in manufacturing, mining and marine.

Working at Height (Ontario CPO Approved) Refresher.

The recertification course has a duration of 5 hours. This is the same program manual as the full day initial training. Students must pass the theory and practical test in order to receive a certificate. They must have a valid Working at Heights Training credential from a Ontario Ministry of Labour Approved program, in order to receive from the ministry an updated certificate. 

Equipment Inspection
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Equipment Inspection

This half day 3M program is directed towards individuals who are tasked with formal equipment inspection or the competent inspector role with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a work fall protection equipment inventory. We feel that if this is your initial training in inspection that 4 hours may not be enough time to completely understand the material in this program.


  • Developing a managed on-site equipment care program

  • Equipment marking and tracking systems

  • Proper record keeping

  • Formal equipment inspections

  • Self-Retracting Lifeline inspection specifications

  • Maintenance requirements

  • Manufacturer's requirements

Fall Protection
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Fall Protection

When your job and jobsite do not require you to have a MOL approved certificate, then these two 3M may be for you.  Half-day 6408 course will provide an overview of fall protection principles and essential equipment components used in a basic personal fall restraint or arrest system. This training program is suited for those who work at heights in a specific situation with an established approved anchor point using basic connectors and body supports.

Full-day 6418 course is suited for those performing work duties at heights in various at heights jobsite situations and will be responsible for selecting and utilizing the appropriate system components. This program concentrates on Regulation 851. Industrial Establishments note workers performing construction duties are required to follow Ontario Regulation 213/91 construction projects which have specific fall protection regulations and training requirements.

Overhead Electric Crane
Overhead Crane.jpg

Overhead Electric Crane

This program is designed for crane operators, supervisors responsible for the daily operation and safe performance of cranes and designers of tools and equipment to be lifted.


Accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training and crane usage. The majority of crane accidents are caused by human error.

This course works to mitigate these hazards which makes for a safer crane operation and reduces the chance of uncontrollable downtime and the associated costs.

The program consists of a combination of theory and practical modules.  

The student will learn about:

  • Inspection of cranes and attachment before and during crane operation

  • Safe crane operations

  • Basic rigging

We feel that in order to operator a crane correctly and safely, an operator needs to know how to rig so as not to overload any part and stay in control of a load.

Students will learn how to calculate load weight and sling capacity using tags and charts. Students must pass an in class controller operation exercise before they advance to their practical evaluation.

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