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Build a Safety Culture
in Your Workplace

We offer Working at Heights training, Equipment Inspection, Fall Protection, and Overhead Electric Crane Training in Parry Sound, Muskoka, and the Greater Toronto Area.

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Working at Heights Training

This 3M Safety Training program is Ontario Ministry of Labour Approved

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Equipment Inspection

Fall protection equipment needs to be formally inspected in general annually.

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Fall Protection Training

Numerous workers suffer the traumatic effects of falling. These 3M courses are geared towards specific situations.

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Overhead Electric Crane Training

A program developed by Hardee's Safety Training. This course includes but is not limited to Regulation 851 and Basic Rigging.

We as professional educational trainers are striving to build a successful safety culture. The goal is to reduce workers injury and their related cost. Even though we only spend a day with most of our students, we want them to return home every day in one piece.


Being a recipient of industrial training for years, gives us at Hardee's Safety Training an enhanced understanding on how to relate to our students.

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